A leakage leads to failure of your pump. Preventing from a leakage of mechanical seals and preserve your installation should be one of your main concerns.

Why is there leakage of mechanical seals ?

  1. Wear down of the seal material

If there are no fluids available to lubricate, the seal runs dry which causes extra friction and heat. The seal will burn or melt and become damaged, which causes fluid leakage due to the pressure.

  1. Dry running

As said previously, a lack of fluids will increase frictions and lead to a massive leakage.

  1. Wear down of the bearings

The bearings wear out, which causes a failure inside the mechanism by swinging a lot. The movements will damage the system and result in leaking.

  1. Shocks & Vibrations

As discussed before, major shocks and vibrations will cause a misalignment of the structure and contribute to a leakage.

  1. Pressure drops or spikes

An unstable pressure or incorrect operating conditions have leakage consequences.


You noticed some of these points in your pumping system ? Contact us and our technical team will assist you.