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Rue des Majorettes 18, BP 194
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Dosing Pumps

Motorized diaphragm metering pump

Diaphragm metering pumps do not leak and are therefore suitable for fluids that are very aggressive and toxic

Depending on the type of pump, the diaphragm allows pressures up to 16 bars. Diaphragm metering pumps are fitted as standard with a separation chamber. The formation of a crack due to wear of the diaphragm prevents fluid from flooding the components of the system or the pump itself. The fluid is controlled and flows through a down pipe into the leakage manifold. The membranes are coated with PTFE. The dosing amount can be doubled with two dosing heads. The larger motorized diaphragm metering pump (type GMR) is equipped with a hydraulically coupled double diaphragm system.

Spécifications / Specifications

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Courbes / Performance Curve

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Schémas / Drawing

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